No guts, but glory: “Gettysburg” (the movie) and the antiseptic Civil War.

The 1993 film shows us a relatively clean view of the great Civil War battle, but let us not forget just how awful and catastrophic the war really was.

John Buford and the Battle of Gettysburg (the first day).

General John Buford was the first Union commander engaged at Gettysburg. His contributions to the battle were invaluable, but he did not live long after it.

The Leader is unavailable: the strange legend of Stalin’s post-invasion breakdown.

Was Stalin really so shocked by the German invasion in 1941 that he went on a three-day bender? Historical sources differ.

Cribs of the Chiefs: let’s visit some Presidential Places. (Part 1) [videos]

In my video series, you can take a look at some of the beautiful places associated with our first five Presidents, including Mount Vernon, Peacefield and Monticello.