How’d We Get Brexit?

What is the historical background of Brexit, the UK’s divorce from the European Union? How did Britain get into the EU in the first place? What is the EU? What’s a “Eurosceptic?” What lessons can we draw from Brexit’s past? Find out in this free webinar!

This is a “geohistory” course, where you will not only hear about the history, but see the places where it happened! The class is fully interactive–you can ask questions, chime in, discuss with Sean and other students. No “homework.”

The Details

Length: one hour

When: Thursday, April 11, 2019, 9:00 AM (USA Pacific Time)

How will it be conducted: Teleconference via (free interface; no account needed)

Price: Free!

(Please email me at to register and let me know your contact information so I can be sure you have the participation details).

(*Classes do not count for university or other scholastic credit.)
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