Tudor England (DONE)

Get a crash course in the history of England’s greatest period, from 1483 to 1603, encompassing Henry VIII and his wives, Elizabeth, the English Reformation and the age of Shakespeare. How did the Tudors come to the throne in the first place? How was England on the verge of such transformative change? How did the Protestant Reformation change England? Was Henry’s thing really about having a son, or was there more to it? What was the Spanish Armada? Learn about it all here!

This is a “geohistory” course, where you will not only hear about the history, but see the places where it happened! The class is fully interactive–you can ask questions, chime in, discuss with Sean and other students. No “homework.” See an example of my “geohistory” approach on my YouTube channel, here!

The Details

Sessions: one

When will it be: Sunday, June 24, 2018, 3:00-5:00 PM (Pacific Time) [CLASS IS DONE]

How will it be conducted: Teleconference via Zoom.us (free interface; no account needed)

Price: $35 full interactive access, $25 for video access only

You can pay by PayPal, here!

(Please either include contact information at the time of payment, or email me at seanmunger@fastmail.fm to let me know your contact information so I can be sure you have the participation details).

(*Classes do not count for university or other scholastic credit.)
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