John Buford and the Battle of Gettysburg (the first day).

General John Buford was the first Union commander engaged at Gettysburg. His contributions to the battle were invaluable, but he did not live long after it.

Cribs of the Chiefs: let’s visit some Presidential Places. (Part 1) [videos]

In my video series, you can take a look at some of the beautiful places associated with our first five Presidents, including Mount Vernon, Peacefield and Monticello.

The boat that sank a neighborhood: the tragedy of the SS General Slocum disaster.

In 1904, a pleasure boat cruise turned out to be a horrific nightmare–and spelled virtual extinction for a NYC German-American neighborhood.

“Dazed and Confused” turns 25: a double groovy flashback to the 1970s (and 1993).

Richard Linklater’s classic film turns 25 this year. What does it have to say about the ’70s, and the ’90s?