John Buford and the Battle of Gettysburg (the first day).

General John Buford was the first Union commander engaged at Gettysburg. His contributions to the battle were invaluable, but he did not live long after it.

Today in history: the siege of the International Legations, Boxer Rebellion, China, 1900.

How the murder of a little-known German diplomat triggered the climactic episode of the Boxer Rebellion.

The boat that sank a neighborhood: the tragedy of the SS General Slocum disaster.

In 1904, a pleasure boat cruise turned out to be a horrific nightmare–and spelled virtual extinction for a NYC German-American neighborhood.

The little spaceship that could: the epic odyssey of Pioneer 10.

Most people have heard of the Voyager space probes–the small unmanned spacecraft that were launched in the late 1970s on twin missions to explore the outer planets of the solar system. In addition to being immortalized in Star Trek: The Motion Picture as the origin of the powerful but misunderstood entity known as “V’Ger,” these spacecraftContinue reading “The little spaceship that could: the epic odyssey of Pioneer 10.”